Vensecar Cargo Tracking,AWB Number Tracking,Vensecar (V4)

Vensecar Cargo Tracking

How To Track ?
Enter Air way bill number to track Vensecar cargo status.

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Cargo Tracking Number Format :
AWB number format is – 946-12345678

Enter your Vensecar(V4) cargo tracking number in tracking box please make sure that your first 3 digits are correct – You can check our Cargo format library page to avoid the mistakes.

Vensecar Cargo official page

Venezolana de Served Expresos International Cargo , was founded on January 31, 1986 and currently the only ! Mee Venezuelan Aerea international orga . Vensecar has a varied fleet of aircraft oargueros and is part of the International Red Aerea DHL Aviation.

This organization provides air transportation to the region of the Andean Pact , Southern Florida , Central America , the Canbe and its connections with the world.
Vensecar belongs to the network of Aviation OHL , which in turn provides its services to OHL Express. Additionally , Vensecar allows acoeso to its network of services to a wide game of logistics service providers .

Ensuring high utilization of our aircraft , we maintain a network in constant expansion , the coal is compatible with requednilentos camblantes of world markets and hence our customers. Dade tracking paste embargoes proof of delivery , each shipping purposes and dedication receives the attention it deserves.

Customer Care :
Vensecar Contactenos
Caracas, Venezuela (GCS)
Vensecar Internacional, CA. Avenida Tamanaoo, Torre Extenbandes El Rosal, Caracas, Venezuela
Telefono: Master +(58-212) 951.5453 Fax: +(58-212) 951.3394 e-mail: cargo saleseC900111.0X0
Contacts: Carlos Cortez Commercial Manager Cel.: +(58-412) 620.5456
Janett Hidalgo Customer Service Supervisor Cel.: +(58-412) 335.4503

Maiquetia Venezuela (MIQ)
Airport Office Vensecar Internacional, C.A. Aduana Aerea de Malquetia, Air:mean de Corporaddn P.G. Aeropuerto Internacional Simon Bolivar Maiquetia, Estado Vargas
Telefono: Master +(58-212) 331.8116 Fax: +(58-212) 331.8212
Contacts: Elbangd Rehm Cargo Manager CS.: +(56-412) 620.5458
Odlllette Milano ACS / Import & In transit Cargo odillette.pinangol&
Nancy Farlfias Garda Export
Telefono: +(58-212) 331.8116
Vensecar cargo tracking

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