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Frequently asked questions:

What is Air New Zealand Cargo AWB Number Format ?
Air New Zealand Air waybill number starts with 086/445 (3+8 digits) (i.e – 086/445 and 69523485).To avoid mistake check Cargo format library page

How To Track Air New Zealand Cargo ?

  • Enter 3 digit prefix code (086/445) & 8 other digits
  • Click on submit or track button
  • Get cargo location details

Right tracking number format example : 086/445-12345674

When getting a top notch cargo tracking service, the main goal should be finding a reliable and affordable company. Tons of cargo transports companies are offering their services across the globe, but only some of them provide with the best and flawless air freight service.

When we were looking for a company that can offer great shipping benefit and services and one that has excellent customer service, we found the Air New Zealand. Among others we presented, this one should be at the very top when you select cargo tracking company or when you are thinking between air cargo tracking or freight.

Air New Zealand is both domestic and international airline company that provides with air passenger and cargo transport services. It works and transport goods within New Zealand and has well established connections with Australia, the South West Pacific, Asia, North America and with United Kingdom. This national carrier was born in 1940 and it is still one of the best cargo tracking services in the whole world. The company’s mission and vision is to serve its customers by creating a national air freight that provides with affordable, quality, safe, reliable and efficient results.

Air New Zealand operates with various fleets, such as Jet Aircrafts and Turbo-props. It is one of the most significant and thriving airlines of New Zealand and the world, as well. This is proven and approved by the many awards this company received throughout the years of expertise. If you want to learn more, read the detailed info on the following link.

Customer Care :

Phone bookings & enquiries

24hr Freephone (calling within NZ):
0800 737 000

Calling from overseas:
+64 (0)9 357 3000

TTY assistance is available for deaf and hearing impaired via NZ Relay on 0800 4 711 711

24hr Website assistance
Freephone (NZ): 0800 352 266

24hr Airpoints help
Freephone (NZ): 0800 247 764

24hr OneSmart help
Freephone (NZ): 0800 ONESMART (0800 663 762) or +64 (0)9 444 0537

Social Presence :

Facebook –

Twitter –

Google Plus –

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